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Carbon Free/ Heat Resistant Cable Coolant Synthetic Rubber Hoses

Non-conductive (electrical) Hose used as an outer protective covering for power cables in steel mills, glass works etc. to avoid damage to cables, leakage of current due to exposure to open flame, splashes of hot metal or radiation. Available with or without Asbestos cover.

Used for conveying power cable with a mix of oil as an additional protection from exposure to extremely high temperature, radiation from steel furnace, open flame etc.

White or black, smooth non-conductive a blend of natural and synthetic rubber compound.
Rubberised Woven textile fabric Natural or Synthetic.
Oil & heat electical resistant synthetic rubber compound with or without asbestos cover, capable to withstand temperature upto +5000C (9320F).
-400°F to + 2000°F
-400F to + 2000F


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