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High Pressure Hose

What is a High Pressure Hose?

Hoses are made of different materials with different techniques depending upon the working condition, obliging weight, climatic conditions and the fluids that they pass on.

Our high pressure hose items give the best solutions for clients to take care of the issues in different hydraulic frameworks and functionalities.

Different kinds of hoses:

  • Thermoplastic pressure driven hose is appropriate for conveying oil or water based pressure driven liquids in certain working temperature.
  • Rotary drilling hose is mainly used for oil exploration, concrete fixing, geographical investigations and water conveyance for coal exhumation.
  • High pressure steam hose is suitable for transferring high temperature steam for different functionalities.
  • wire spiralled hydraulic hoses this hose is reasonable for conveying petroleum based oils. The fortification is produced using numerous layers of highly elasticated spiralled steel wire, making the hose profoundly sustainable to high pressure.
  • There are many high pressure hose for our clients which are of great quality and tend to be the best in the market, Deep Jyoti aim for perfection and always use high quality material which can result in longevity of the product. The hoses are mostly made of three layers for extra protection and longevity.

DeepJyoti Rubber has been one of the most reputed and trustworthy companies when it comes to delivering the best products to the clients.


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