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Oil Suction /Discharge and Road/Rail Oil Decanting Hose

Oil Suction /Discharge and Road/Rail Oil Decanting Hose is specifically manufactured for dock and offshore operations of petroleum products containing not more than 25% aromatic hydrocarbon content. Oil Suction hoses are suitable for petrol and all other petroleum products with an aromatic content less than 50%.

Uniform lining of suitable rubber compound, resistant to all grades of petroleum and blended products having aromatic hydrocarbon content not more than 25%.
Plies of natural or synthetic woven fabric rubberized with a suitable compound and two helical GS wires, (as per 280/78) embedded in the case of smooth bore and in rough bore hose, the first is internal and the second is embedded.
A copper wire comprising of a number of strands is embedded between the reinforcement plies to provide electrical continuity along the whole length of the hose.
Chloroprene rubber outer cover having plain or corrugated cloth marked finish, resistant to oil abrasion and weather.
The hose has built-in nippleswith or without flanges as per customer specification.
-400°F to +2000°F


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