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Rubber Hose For Chemicals

Rubber Hose For Chemicals is designed to handle a wide range of Chemicals, Acids, Alkalis and Alcoholic materials during production and transfer operations.

We have the distinction of being the only manufacturer to have been granted Certification Mark License for this items.

Black or white smooth rubber compound based on EPDM, Hypalon.
Plies of Woven Textiles with/without helical wire.
Smooth, or corrugated cloth marked finish synthetic rubber.
Uniform seamless lining made from a suitable rubber Compound, resistant to the chemical for which the hose is to be employed.
If required by the Purchaser, a copper wire comprising a number of strands in incorporated between the reinforcement plies to provide electrical continuity along the whole length of the hose.
-40°F to +158°F
Upto 18.5 meters.


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