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PVC Waterstop Seals

PVC Waterstops Seals are profiles based on specially formulated plasticised PVC compound. These are designed to meet specific requirement of building industry. PVC Waterstop Seals are the benchmark for the industry and are upto BIS Certification. The versatility of PVC has made these PVC Waterstop Seals popular with specifiers and engineers. Deep Jyoti is the only brand approved in DSR(Delhi Schedule of Rates) and in CPWD/PWD/Railways/MCD/Delhi Jal Board/DMRC/NDMC.


Outstanding Physical Properties

Excellent Inherent Elasticity

Resistance to many Waterborne Chemicals


Strategic concrete structure such as Dams, Canals, Over Head/Under Ground Water Tanks, Swimming Pools, Basement, Bridges, Road Embankments, Retaining Walls. High Rising Multi Storeyed Buildings.

Waste water and water treatment facilities

Tunnels and Culverts


Primary and Secondary Containment Structures

Deep Jyoti provides a wide range of PVC Waterstops in various styles and sizes. Choosing the correct Waterstops begins with determining whether the joint is Moving or Non Moving. The various types of Waterstop Seals available are:

Replacable Type

Ribbed Type

Dumb- Bell Type

Kicker Type

1.32 kg/l
14 n/mm2
300% min
10-60 mtrs


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